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December 2017

14 December 2017

- PDP and Reflections admin overview reports released 


11 December 2017

- Horus ePortfolio December 2017 Update published

- You can now delete an SLE/CP that has not yet been signed 


7 December 2017

- PSG feedback: We have increased the number of PSG members who can be asked for feedback in one 'round' to 20

- Details of planned developments for the next few months published


5 December 2017

- Site performance: Today was our busiest day so far! About 320,000 page hits, and the average page load time was under 2 seconds (1-2 seconds is usual across websites).


4 December 2017

- Foundation doctor photos: Foundation doctors are now able to upload a photo to identify themselves. Administrators can also upload photos on behalf of foundation doctors.