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October-December 2021

09 December 2021

The e-LfH syncing issue has now been resolved. Completed e-LfH content should start to pull through to Horus ePortfolio. Please allow up to 24 hours for the content to be displayed on the e-LfH page of your ePortfolio.

If after 24 hours your content is not being synced correctly please see this guidance.

06 December 2021

Due to a technical issue e-LfH data is currently not pulling through to Horus ePortfolio. The Horus developers are aware and are currently liaising with the e-LfH team to get this issue resolved.

02 October 2021

17:19: Horus ePortfolio is currently unavailable due to technical issues. Further updates will be provided in due course.

22:15: Horus ePortfolio is back online and functioning as normal. The issue affecting the system has now been fixed.