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July - December 2022

06 December 2022

Release - Core Procedure form - With the expiry of the 2016 Foundation Programme Curriculum and its removal from Horus ePortfolio, the Core Procedures form and the retired forms section have now been removed from the Forms (start new) page. This means the Core Procedure form can no longer be accessed and completed on Horus ePortfolio.

Release - 2016 Foundation Programme Curriculum - The 2016 version of the Foundation Programme Curriculum has now expired and is no longer available on Horus ePortfolio. All Foundation doctors and NTG users with current rotations have been moved to the 2021 version of the curriculum if their rotation wasn't already assigned to this version.

31 October 2022

Release - User Interface Update - Horus ePortfolio has updated its user interface to more closely follow NHS standards. The content and functionality of Horus ePortfolio remains the same.

30 August 2022

Release - PSG Summary Rating - PSG summaries can now be rated as Satisfactory, Incomplete or Unsatisfactory as per the 2021 foundation programme curriculum.