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Forms and functionality

  • Core content

  • Who decides what forms are in Horus?
    • The set of forms that are available to all users in Horus - the "core content" - is decided by the UK Foundation Programme Curriculum Delivery Group (CDG) and the content of many are mandated by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC). Decisions are based on the Foundation Programme Curriculum (2021) and Foundation Guide (2019).

      This group consists of representatives from the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO), both e-portfolio providers for the UK Foundation Programme, Foundation School Directors, Foundation School Managers, Foundation Doctors/British Medical Association and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

      The Horus team does not decide on what forms are available in the e-portfolio - we have to develop the forms as requested by the CDG.

      Learn more about who to contact if you have queries about the requirements of the foundation programme.

      For further information please see the UKFPO's e-portfolio webpage

  • Who decides how forms work on Horus?
    • Much of how forms work on Horus is decided by the CDG (see "Who decides what forms are in Horus" for an explanation of the CDG). These include, for example:

      • who can create, edit or delete the form
      • who can complete the form
      • who can see the completed form
      • how long before the start/after the end of a placement the form can be completed

      Some of the functionality is designed by the Horus development and project teams and will be regularly reviewed and enhanced based on user feedback.

  • Where can I find guidance on how I should use the Foundation Programme e-portfolio forms?
  • What are the Foundation Programme requirements?
  • Who should I contact if I have queries about the requirements of the Foundation Programme?
    • Queries about the requirements of the Foundation Programme should be directed as follows:

      - If you are a foundation doctor or work in a local education provider (LEP), contact your local postgraduate centre manager or foundation training programme director/tutor (FTPD/T)

      - If you are a postgraduate centre manager or FTPD/T, contact your local NHSE foundation school team (for example your foundation school manager/director)

      - If you work in a local NHSE foundation school team, contact the UKFPO

      Learn more about who decides what forms are in Horus.

  • What is the difference between the "Developing the clinical teacher" (DCT) form and the "Teaching others" form?
    • The "Developing the clinical teacher" (DCT) form is a form to record a supervised learning event (SLE). It must be signed by an appropriate trainer.

      The "Teaching others" form is a form to record an 'additional achievement' - for example bedside, classroom, conference presentation/poster, grand round. It is not signed by a trainer and there is no recommended minimum number. 

      Both forms are available on the Blank Forms page.

      Learn more about who decides what forms are in Horus.

  • Can the Quality Improvement form be signed by a supervisor?
    • No. The Quality Improvement (QI) form

      - is a way for a foundation doctor to upload evidence of quality improvement activity they have been involved with, which they can map to the curriculum

      - can only be generated by the foundation doctor

      - cannot be signed by a supervisor

      - is not an assessment

      As with all relevant content in the e-portfolio, it is expected that educational supervisors review forms submitted by and for their foundation doctors on a regular basis and discuss any areas of excellence/improvement with their foundation doctors. 

      Learn more about who decides how forms work in Horus.

  • Horus-specific content

  • How do I show that I have completed the GMC National Training Survey (NTS)/Career Destination Survey (CDS)?
    • There is no mandated way to show these in Horus - your local education provider or NHSE foundation school team will explain what they require you to do.

      Two of the options available in Horus are:

      - Foundation doctors may want to evidence completion using the Quality Improvement (QI) form in Horus. If you choose to do this, make sure to give the form a clear title (in the "Achievement" field) such as "GMC NTS - Completion Code xxxxxxxxxxxx"/"Career Destination Survey".

      Learn more about the QI form

      - Administrators may choose to upload evidence of completion on behalf of each foundation doctor using this same section within the SoE 'sign off' form. 

      Learn more about how to create a SoE 'sign off' form

  • Why is there no "combined" ES/CS end of placement report?
    • The UK FP Curriculum Delivery Group had previously requested that Horus does not have a combined version of the ES and CS end of placement report forms. We have however now been asked to provide a solution to ease the end of placement report completion process for joint ES/CSs - we now have the "Follow On Forms" concept.

      Learn more about who decides what forms are in Horus.


  • Is there a training version of Horus?
    • Yes, there is a training version of Horus, which is an exact copy of the live site but with made up users.

      The site is designed to allow NHSE and LEP foundation administrators to try out activities and processes from the point of view of other users, so that they can support them to use the system. It is intended to be used alongside the Horus Support Site to show how the system works.

      LEP foundation administrators may also wish to use the training site to deliver start of year training to foundation doctors (and supervisors) who are new to the Horus ePortfolio.

      The training site is not intended for use by individual foundation doctors or supervisors. 

      How to get access to the training site

      All NHSE foundation teams have access to the training site. If you require access to the training site, contact your local NHSE foundation school team. 

      If you are part of a local NHSE foundation team and are not sure who in your team has access, contact us