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November 2017

23 November 2017

- The "Analysis" data columns in the TAB admin overview page are working again. Thanks for everyone's patience while we optimised this page!


22 November 2017

- The "Analysis" data columns in the TAB admin overview page are still disabled. The development team are finalising updates and hope to be able to reinstate the functionality by the end of this week. See 15 November entry for alternative routes to access the information.


15 November 2017

- We have had to disable the "Analysis" data columns in the TAB admin overview page (Admin menu > Overviews > TAB) as loading this page for larger trusts was causing performance issues on the system. The development team are working hard to re-instate the Analysis selection.

• Meanwhile, administrators are still able to view a list of all foundation doctors in their organisation, how long they have until their TAB expires and whether the TAB summary has been completed.

• All users with appropriate permissions maintain access to the list of assessors for each foundation doctor and the results of the TAB (administrators and supervisors are able to view the assessor analysis counter from here). The assessor analysis counter is also available through the foundation doctor's TAB portfolio page. 


13 November 2017

- The following features have been made live over the past 3 weeks:

• Linking portfolio items to the curriculum

• Deleting portfolio items

• Changing the placement/rotation a portfolio item belongs to

• Sending manual reminders to trainers/assessors

• FD portfolio "Overview" now shows individual summaries of forms completed by/for the FD

- Curriculum: shows how many of the 20 FPCs have at least one piece of evidence mapped and lists those which don't
- SLEs: shows how many of each type completed for each placement in the rotation
- Core procedures: shows how many satisfactorily completed and lists those that aren't
- Reflection: shows number of private and shared per placement

• Reporting on FD progress (admins only)

- Initial and induction meetings
- End of placement reports
- Supervised learning events
- Additional evidence
- Academic forms
- Other meetings
"Export to csv" not yet available on any of these reports. However, all reports can easily be copied from the on-screen table and pasted into a spreadsheet, should this be required.

• A number of smaller usability enhancements and adjustments to core content forms


- Top priority now is to release the ARCP process. Developments are well underway.

- For details see priorities for development during September, October and November