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May 2018

31 May 2018

- Site performance: Today was our busiest day of the training year! About 600,000 page hits, and the average page load time was slightly faster than usual!


16 May 2018

- Horus ePortfolio May 2018 Update published

- ARCP *Action required*

- Educational supervisors should complete their assessment of each FD’s curriculum coverage

- Trust / HEE foundation teams should now be starting to set up ARCP panels

“Summary of evidence” report ‘sign off’ form can be completed (not mandatory)
Useful guidance: An excellent YouTube video walk-through of reviewing the SoE has been created by an FTPD in the East Midlands. Please note the clarifications in the comments section.

- Trust / HEE foundation teams should familiarise themselves with the Horus ARCP process

- 2018-20 F1F2 rotations import *No action required from trust / HEE foundation teams*

- Horus team preparing Oriel allocation data for import into Horus --> to be completed mid-June  

- Reflection and PDP mini-reports in 'Portfolio Overview' now display totals per rotation as well as per placement

- Summary of evidence report now displays GMC number in "REQUIREMENT: Provisional registration and a licence to practise with the GMC" (F1) / "REQUIREMENT: Full registration and a licence to practise with the GMC" (F2) section


15 May 2018

- Foundation doctor import for 2018-19 training year: We expect to receive the Oriel recruitment export from the UKFPO today. We will need to process the information and will confirm as soon as we can when administrators will be able to access the data in Horus. Access will be available at some point in June 2018.

- NOW LIVE! Core Procedures and Form R admin reports: administrators can see a list of all foundation doctors in their area and how many CPs they have completed / whether they have completed a Form R.


11 May 2018

e-LfH activity data imported into Horus: Currently, activity in the "Foundation (FND)" e-LfH programme is imported. From August 2018, activity in any e-LfH programme will be imported. 


8 May 2018

- NOW LIVE! Mandatory certificates administrator management page


1 May 2018

- Preparations for 2018-19 training year:

- Current F1s: those recruited to 2-year programmes through the national process this time last year already have their F2 rotation and placements listed on Horus. Administrators should use the "Placements Overview" page to view these. Set your filters to "F2" and "2018-19".
--> Administrators can already start assigning supervisors, if these have been allocated already.

- Incoming F1s: The UKFPO will share allocation information from Oriel (the national medical recruitment system) with Horus later this month. We will import this information and administrators will be able to view this in June 2018.
IMPORTANT: Please do not start manually creating rotations and placements for incoming foundation doctors - all this will be done centrally.


Order of priority for developments in Horus (March - May 2018)