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March 2018

26 March 2018

- Foundation doctors: Hopefully lots of you will have started and some of you already finished filling in the GMC National Training Survey (NTS) 2018! Once you have finished, see our guidance for how you could consider evidencing GMC NTS completion in your e-portfolio.

- We are still working on making the e-LfH link into Horus available - it won't be long now. Once linking is available, each foundation doctor will need to:
1. Go to the e-LfH section of their Horus ePortfolio
2. Select the "Link accounts" option
3. You will be taken to the e-LfH website - login using your e-LfH login details
4. Give your permission for data to be shared from e-LfH to Horus.
Following this, any courses you have completed in the e-LfH "Foundation (FND)" programme will show up in your portfolio (it may take 24 hours following account linking - we'll confirm once we know for sure).


22 March 2018

- Well done to those of you who have already completed / submitted for approval mandatory certificates! Completion numbers (taken today at 16:45):

1083 Awaiting approval
105 Completed
132 Draft


16 March 2018

Mandatory certificates are now live!

• Foundation doctors can upload PSA, ILS/equivalent and ALS/equivalent certificates for approval by admins/ES/FPD using the form in the "Mandatory forms for each year" section in 'Forms (start new)'

• Admins/ES/FPD can approve by finding the forms filled in by the FD on their portfolio 'Overview' page (scroll down) or their portfolio 'Contents' page (whichever you prefer)

• Certificates can only be mapped to the curriculum and will only show as completed in the summary of evidence report for ARCP if they have been approved.


7 March 2018

- Improvements added to Horus today:

More and easier ways for administrators to filter in/out NTG doctors from searches and lists

- Foundation doctor list page

- TAB overview page

- Foundation doctor account activation page

This improvement will be added to the placement overview page in due course. NTGs are filtered out of the ARCP overview page by default.

• A number of smaller background features have been enhanced.

- Improvements / new functionality due this/next week:

 Mandatory certificates

• We are working on making the e-LfH link into Horus available soon. Apologies for the inconvenience this delay may cause.

- See details of planned developments for the next few months for further information.


1 March 2018

- Improvements added to Horus today:

• A user can now be both a 'trainee' and a trainer at the same time. This year this is most relevant for NTG doctors, who are using Horus to record their own competences as well as completing SLEs/Core Procedures for foundation doctors. Users with both types of roles will be able to "Switch mode" once they've logged in.

• When an administrator tries to add / update a user whose email address already exists on Horus, they will receive a more informative validation message (showing what role that user already has).

- Improvements / new functionality due next week:

• More and easier ways for administrators to filter in/out NTG doctors from searches and lists

Mandatory certificates