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July 2018

Important information on this page about:

• Form/functionality updates for the new training year

• What is expected from local trust/foundation school teams

• Non-trainee grade (NTG) doctors in Horus

• 2018-20 F1F2 rotations (including AFP)

• 2018-19 F1 account activation

• 2018-19 F2 stand-alone appointments


31 July 2018

- It's the last day of the 2017-18 training year and the last day HEE users will have access to the NES Foundation ePortfolio. Information will be migrated to the HEE FP E-portfolio Archive during August 2018.


30 July 2018

** Year 1 of HEE Horus is coming to a close! Thanks to everyone who’s supported us, given us feedback and generally used Horus over the past 12 months! **

- Horus developments roadmap page created

- "Order of priority for developments Aug-Oct 2018" published

- Horus ePortfolio July 2018 Update published

- 1,120 NTG doctors have used Horus between August 2017 and July 2018!


25 July 2018

- Horus has been updated with a number of changes to coincide with the start of the new training year

• "Conditions of taking up a foundation training programme" declaration (new version - updated to reflect DPA 1998 -> DPA 2018)

• "Developing the clinical teacher" form (new version - guidance added to "Trainer details" section: "Important: Medical students are not authorised to sign this form.")

• "Mid-year review of progress" form (new version - "Any other comments" field added)

"Reflection" form (new version - "Date of experience" field removed; "Start date of placement against which you want this form to count:" field added to help quick overview of number completed)

• Uploading files (the way users upload files has changed slightly to allow for important back-end enhancements; the method remains simple.)

• PSA prompt (notification appears to all F1 doctors who have not yet uploaded evidence of passing the PSA)

- Local trust or foundation school administrators (as agreed between them) are expected to 

send activation emails to their new foundation doctors

create accounts for any foundation / NTG doctors not already on Horus (including WAST doctors)

• update incorrect/missing rotation information

• assign supervisors to all foundation doctor placements

• delete the accounts of any doctors who were allocated to the trust/foundation school but did not start foundation training

• ensure that non-trainee grade (NTG) doctors are assigned NTG rotations (not F1/F2 rotations)

- Our top priorities for the next two months are 

 allowing foundation doctors to download their portfolio from Horus (we will release this in phases - more information will be published as it is available)

 showing a warning icon against any form submitted for a foundation doctor with either "some concern" or "major concern" selected and allowing supervisors and administrators to 'manage' these icons.


20 July 2018

- 2018 AFP rotations: All 2018-19 academic foundation doctors have now been imported into Horus. Trust administrators can start the standard process of assigning supervisors and sending account activation emails (which is already underway for standard foundation doctors).
Any further last minute appointments need to be added locally, either by foundation school teams or by trust teams.

- New FAQs added recently:

How long will data entered into Horus be available to users?

How do I create an account for a foundation doctor whose GMC number is not yet live on the register?

How do F1CCs / FPCCs get created?


17 July 2018

- 2018 AFP rotations: It has recently been confirmed that academic FY1 doctors were not included in the May 2018 import into Horus. We are currently working with the UKFPO to ensure the appropriate information is uploaded by no later than the end of next week. We will confirm to foundation schools and on this page when this has been completed.


12 July 2018

- REMINDER - ACTION REQUIRED: Foundation school and trust administrators to check that all 2017-18 non-foundation doctors have been assigned “NTG” rotations

--> This is really important, as NTGs (LASs, trust-grades, ‘pre-specialty’ doctors etc) should not be able to access the following on Horus:

• Declarations (they should sign declarations provided by their employer instead)

• Form R (again, provided by their employer instead)

• ARCP outcome form and F1CC/FPCC (these documents can only be issued to doctors on the UK Foundation Programme)

--> If you find any doctors who have been listed incorrectly, you need to contact the Horus helpdesk to convert the rotation to the correct type of doctor.

• First, please check whether any NTGs incorrectly listed as foundation doctors have completed / had submitted for them any of the above forms.

• If they have, please revert these forms to draft and the doctor to delete the draft (in the case of ARCP OF / F1CC/FPCC the foundation school can delete).

• Then, send us their GMC number and which type of NTG they are: LAS; Trust grade; Pre-specialty; Other

• We will delete the declarations they have signed and convert the rotation

--> Please ensure that NTGs are added correctly for 2018-19 and continue to check this throughout the training year.

• You can check using the following reports:

• Admin menu > User reports > NTG doctors

• Admin menu > Overviews > Placements overview/download > Filter for “Exclude NTGs” or “NTG only”


REMINDER - ACTION REQUIRED: 2018-20 F1F2 rotations now available in Horus!

--> Data correct as of the end of April 2018.

Any omissions / changes / withdrawals need to be updated locally.

• We have just been made aware that academic foundation doctors were not included in the original Oriel download. We will import these all centrally over the next 2 weeks. Thank you for your understanding.

--> As in previous years, administrators need to

assign supervisors locally

send activation emails (can be done in bulk) to incoming F1s locally


UPDATE: 2018-19 F2 stand-alone appointments

--> Current F1 doctors who have accepted an F2 stand-alone appointment in a different foundation school to their original appointment

• The Horus team have moved about 60 doctors to their new foundation school and notified the new foundation school

• We have asked foundation schools to send us details of any doctors who have not been moved yet

--> Current F1 doctors who have accepted an F2 stand-alone appointment in the same foundation school to their original appointment

• ACTION REQUIRED: The foundation school administrative team should move them to their new trust.

--> Doctors who have accepted an F2 stand-alone appointment not already on Horus

• ACTION REQUIRED: The foundation school or the trust administrative team should add them and their rotations to Horus.


Order of priority for developments in Horus (June - July 2018)