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April 2018

24 April 2018

- FD guide to ARCP:

Is there a deadline for submitting forms on Horus for ARCP?

What are the requirements for satisfactory completion of F1/F2?

How does Horus support ARCP?

What is the summary of evidence report?

How do I complete my Form R?


20 April 2018

- Pdf and image attachments now open in a new browser tab instead of automatically downloading to the user's computer. (All other files will continue to be automatically downloaded.) This will make viewing documents uploaded by foundation doctors easier for supervisors and ARCP panels.


19 April 2018

- NOW LIVE! Curriculum progress rating form

- Pdf upload size limit increased to 4MB


12 April 2018


• The requirements for satisfactory completion of F1/the Foundation Programme are described in the Foundation Programme Curriculum (2016) and FP Reference Guide (2017).

• Horus provides a "Summary of evidence" report for each foundation doctor (Portfolio > Overview > Scroll down to the "ARCP" section) based on the requirements in the Reference Guide (p. 55-57 F1 and p. 68-69 F2).

• Foundation doctors and Educational Supervisors are strongly advised to look at the "Summary of evidence" report during April and May 2018 to check progress against these requirements. User guide available on the Horus support site.

• The "Summary of Evidence" report is for guidance only and a report that looks complete does not guarantee a successful ARCP outcome. Foundation doctors should follow local trust and foundation school instructions.


11 April 2018

- NOW LIVE! e-LfH data transfer has been activated.

Foundation doctors who connected their e-LfH account to their Horus account before 15:00 today will see all their e-LfH "Foundation (FND)" programme activity when they next go to their Horus "e-LfH" portfolio page. 

Foundation doctors who connect their accounts between 15:00 today and 06:30 tomorrow will see their activity by 08:00 tomorrow.

From now on new data will be imported every day between 06:30 and 08:00. This means you may need to wait up to 24 hours to see your recent e-LfH activity in Horus. Not all courses completed on e-LfH will be imported - learn more here.


6 April 2018

- Horus ePortfolio March 2018 Update published


3 April 2018

- JUST RELEASED! The e-LfH link into Horus is now available.

Now, each foundation doctor needs to:
1. Go to the e-LfH section of their Horus ePortfolio
2. Select the "Link accounts" option
3. You will be taken to the e-LfH website - login using your e-LfH login details
4. Give your permission for data to be shared from e-LfH to Horus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The data transfer is not yet activated. We are working with the e-LfH team to get this activated by 11 April 2018. Following this, any courses you have completed in the e-LfH "Foundation (FND)" programme will automatically show up in your portfolio. We appreciate your patience. 

Foundation doctors should meanwhile connect their accounts. 

- Next we will be focussing on:

• Curriculum: educational supervisor's assessment 

• "Concerns"

• Further admin reports

 - See details of planned developments for the next few months for further information.