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Mandatory certificates

  • What are the mandatory certificates for the Foundation Programme?
    • Foundation doctors are required to

      - upload the following certificates using the 'Mandatory Certificates' form (one form for each certificate) in their e-portfolio and
      - have each one 'approved' by a supervisor or administrator

      to be eligible for a successful ARCP outcome:

      2021 Foundation Programme Curriculum

      • PSA (F1 only)
        [Prescribing Safety Assessment]


      2016 Foundation Programme Curriculum

      • PSA (F1 only)
        [Prescribing Safety Assessment]
      • ILS / Equivalent (F1 only)
        [Immediate Life Support]
      • ALS / Equivalent (If completed in F1, ILS not required)
        [Advanced Life Support]


      All other certificates and achievements should be uploaded using one of the 'Additional achievement' forms:

      • Course / seminar / other learning attended
      • Exam
      • Extra-curricular achievement
      • Interesting Case
      • Procedure (non-core)
      • Publication
      • Research
      • Taster
      • Teaching others 


      Blank versions of these forms can be found here.

  • How do I upload a mandatory certificate?
    • Only foundation doctors/NTGS are able to upload mandatory certificates to their portfolio.

      1. Forms (start new) > scroll down to 'Mandatory forms for each training year (rotation)' > select 'Mandatory certificate'

      2. Select 'Create' against the appropriate rotation and complete the fields in the form

      3. Select 'Choose File' in the 'Certificate' field > find the relevant file on your computer > select 'Open'.
      You can only upload 1 document to each 'Mandatory certificate' form.
      You don't have to upload a document to submit the form, but your trust may require you to do so to be able to approve your completion of the relevant certificate.

      4. If you have selected a document of the correct format and size (see the 'Tips' section in this form or here), you will see the title of your uploaded document within your form.

      5. You can replace this document by selecting the 'Choose File' button again (or remove it after saving as draft by using the tick box just below the 'Certificate uploaded' field).

      6. You can leave the form as draft by selecting 'Save (and leave as draft)' or complete it by selecting 'Save (and review before submission)' and then 'Mark as complete' on the next page (as with all other forms).

      7. Once you have marked your form as complete, your supervisor or administrator can approve your certificate

      Mandatory certificates can only be mapped to the curriculum and will only show as completed in the summary of evidence report for ARCP if they have been approved.

      Mandatory certificates are listed on your portfolio 'Contents' page, along with all your other forms.

      Learn more about
      - what mandatory certificates in Horus are
      - time limits for adding documents to Horus

  • What should I record for my PSA expiry date?
    • The "expiry date" field in the Mandatory Certificate form is a required field - you have to enter a value.

      For the PSA (Prescribing Safety Assessment), you should enter the last date of the F1 year, as per the advice on the PSA website (go to the "FAQs" tab in 'Resources' and select the question "How long is passing the PSA valid for?").

  • How do I approve or reject a mandatory certificate?
    • Mandatory certificates can only be mapped to the curriculum and will only show as completed in the summary of evidence report for ARCP if they have been approved.

      They can only be uploaded by foundation doctors/NTGs and can only be approved or rejected by educational supervisors, administrators and FPDs.

      1. FD > Portfolio Overview > Scroll down to the 'Mandatory Certificates' section almost at the end of the page


      FD > Portfolio Contents > Filter for 'Mandatory Certificates'

      2. Select the relevant form

      3. Check the uploaded certificate (it will either open in a new browser tab or download to your computer)

      4.1 If it is correct and valid, select the 'Approve' button

      --> This certificate will be considered 'valid' up until the expiry date specified.

      4.2 If it is not correct or valid, select the 'Reject' button.
      Enter a message to the foundation doctor explaining why you have rejected the certificate.
      Select 'Reject' again.

      --> Rejecting the certificate will allow the foundation doctor to edit the form and make the required corrections.

  • Where are completed mandatory certificate forms listed?
    • Mandatory certificates are listed on the FD Portfolio 'Contents' page, along with all other forms.

      They can also be found

      1. Near the bottom of the FD Portfolio 'Overview' page

      2. Linked to the ARCP summary of evidence report

  • Can administrators see an overview of all mandatory certificates?
    • Yes - Admin menu > Overviews > Mandatory Certificates.

      The filters and sorting work in the same way as all the other report and overview pages.

      Certificates can be approved from this screen as follows:

      1. Find the relevant foundation doctor

      2. Select the name of the relevant certificate

      3. You will be taken to the certificate itself - now follow the approval process

  • Can a mandatory certificate be mapped to the curriculum?