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July-September 2021

26 August 2021

- NTG transfers (from one organisation to another): The process of transferring NTG accounts from one organisation to another has been updated. To learn more about NTG transfers please see this guidance.

20 August 2021

- PSG Summary creation enabled: Updates to the PSG feature in relation to the 2021 curriculum have now been completed meaning PSG summaries now be created once again.

14 July 2021

- Welcome, new F1 doctors! Guidance to help you get started with Horus:

13 July 2021

- PSG Summary creation disabled: Currently PSG summaries cannot be created. This is because ongoing changes are being made to the the PSG feature because of the introduction of the 2021 foundation programme curriculum.

13 July 2021

- New release: Form changes and updates relating to the 2021 foundation programme curriculum have been released on Horus