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Browsers and compatibility

  • Browsers and compatibility

  • What browsers does Horus work in?
    • We only test Horus on the following browsers:
      - Edge
      - Chrome on Windows (latest versions)
      - Safari on iOS (latest version)

      If you experience problems with Horus on older versions of Edge or Safari, you should switch to the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox. Note that Horus is not accessible in Internet Explorer, as many of the features are not compatible with out of date browsers.
      --> IT departments that require you to run very old versions of Internet Explorer should be able to provide you with an alternative modern web browser.

      We will also support and fix queries from people using up to date browsers for the following platforms (although we don't test these platforms on a regular basis):
      - Firefox on Windows
      - Safari/Chrome on Mac OSX
      - Chrome on Android