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April-June 2021

16 May 2021

- New release: UK Foundation Programme Curriculum 2021 - The new UK Foundation Programme Curriculum for 2021 has been added to Horus ePortfolio. Any rotations that end after 04 August 2021 have been moved over to the 2021 curriculum so long as the following conditions were met:

a) the rotation didn't have any curriculum mappings to the 2016 curriculum.


b) the rotation didn't contain any curriculum progress ratings for the 2016 curriculum.

Local administrators should be vigilant regarding those doctors who are 'Out of Sync' and may need to check that their current rotation has remained on the 2016 curriculum.

If you discover any rotations that have been moved to the 2021 curriculum in error then please contact the Horus ePortfolio helpdesk (

06 May 2021

- New release: ARCPs needing signatures report - Administrators can now run a report 'ARCPs needing signatures' via the 'Overviews' sub-menu. This report will show any ARCPs where the outcome form contents have been filled in, but where the chair hasn't yet signed it.

04 May 2021

- New release: TAB concerns report - Administrators can now run a report 'TABs with concerns' via the 'Form count report' sub-menu that counts the number of TAB self and rater forms where some or major concerns have been raised.