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April - June 2022

12 May 2022

Release - ARCP Outcome Forms bulk creation - In an attempt to help administrators save time we have introduced a new way to create ARCP Outcome forms, this allows the administrator to specify a panel once and apply it to many ARCP Outcome forms at once. When the new method is used to create multiple ARCP Outcome forms, the ARCP Outcome forms themselves will be saved as drafts, with only the Foundation doctor, meeting date and the panel details populated. Everything else still needs to be added in the normal way.

29 April 2022

Release - Curriculum Summary Narrative Overview Report - Administrators can now run a report which shows whether the curriculum summary narratives for a rotation on the 2021 curriculum have been started or not. The same report can also show if the ES progress ratings have been provided for HLOs and if a rating has been provided which rating has been given.

GMC sync issue - The issue regarding the GMC sync and Horus ePortfolio has now been resolved. This means Horus ePortfolio will once again sync details with the GMC daily.

08 April 2022

GMC sync issue - The issue regarding the GMC sync and Horus ePortfolio is still on going. The Horus ePortfolio developers have put a work around in place to manually perform the this sync. This manual sync will take place once a week instead of once a day until the issue has been resolved.

02 April 2022

GMC sync issue - Due to a technical issue Horus ePortfolio is unable to sync with the GMC register. The Horus developers are aware of this issue and are working with the GMC to get this resolved.