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Why isn’t there a telephone service for support?

The Horus Support team is a small team supporting over 100,000 registered users. We provide day to day technical support to those users including password resets, registration advice, advice on using and navigating the various elements of the Horus ePortfolio and fielding questions about the UK Foundation Programme, requirements for sign-off, archiving of previous years' e-portfolio data and future plans.

As a government funded organisation, HEE's Horus ePortfolio has a limited budget with a responsibility to provide the best value service possible. The difficulties in providing an appropriate level of staffing to respond to telephone requests for support have been demonstrated in other parts of HEE and other similar online services. Support queries vary widely in terms of their complexity and the number of calls in any given moment tends to be relatively unpredictable. We use a Helpdesk management service that helps us to automatically log, categorise and report on all the support requests we receive, so that we're able to deal with queries systematically and continually improve the service that we offer to our users.

We have no plans to offer telephone support. Learn more about what to do if you have a

technical query or a

general query about Horus.