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Technical Queries

Technical issues include things like landing on the Horus "error" page, slow system speed, obvious typos/broken links and 'how to' questions you can't find the answer to on this site.

1. If feel you are experiencing technical issues, please search the Horus ePortfolio Support Site in the first instance - there is a "Search" box at the top of this page. The answer to your question may already be here and you may not need to wait for us to resolve your issue.

- If you are a foundation doctor or supervisor, please contact your local postgraduate centre administrator before contacting the Horus Helpdesk, as they may be able to resolve your issue directly. You can view a list of local administrators in your "Help" page.

2. If you cannot find the information you need here, you can email the Horus Helpdesk. For a faster resolution to your query, please include as much of the following information as you can in your email:

- Have you logged in to Horus before, or is this your first attempt at logging in?

- Which browser (and version) are you using? (e.g. Chrome, IE9, etc.) Use WhatsMyBrowser to check if you're not sure.

- Do you know the email address you’re registered on Horus with? Specify email address if so.

- Have you received an error message? If so, what steps had you taken before you got the error message? What does the error message say?

• Include screenshots of what you saw/are seeing.

- What were you trying to do? What result were you expecting?

If the issue you have contacted us about is in fact covered on this support site, the Horus Helpdesk team will send you a link to the relevant support site web page. This is to ensure that all users receive consistent information and helps the team to work more efficiently. If you feel the support site page(s) you are linked to by the Helpdesk team does not resolve your issue please reply with further details.

We respond to all Helpdesk requests we receive, so if you have not received a response within at most 1 week, please check that you have sent your query to the correct email address.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never tell anyone your password. The Horus Helpdesk team will never ask you for your password and does not need this to be able to help you.