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Support Site

General contact

General queries

1. If you have a general query about Horus, please search the Horus ePortfolio Support Site in the first instance - there is a "Search" box at the top of this page. The answer to your question may already be here and you may not need to wait for us to provide information.

2. If you cannot find the information you need here, or if you have suggestions or feedback, please discuss with your local postgraduate centre team (or your local HEE foundation team, with whom the Horus project team communicates on a regular basis). If you are part of a local HEE foundation team, see our contact details below.

If you have a general query or feedback about Horus, you can also email us, but please note that in case of all general foundation training queries, queries about local issues and technical issues that are already explained on this support site, we will refer you back to your local teams.


Any suggestions for enhancements, additions, nice-to-haves, ideas for improvement, cosmetic changes, etc should be reported to your local foundation school team/national foundation e-portfolio user group ("eTAG") representative. The eTAG meets twice a year (January/February and October) to discuss such feedback and make recommendations for future e-portfolio developments.

Technical issues

Learn more about what to do if you are experiencing technical issues with Horus and what to do if you have queries about the HEE FP E-portfolio Archive.