October 2018

29 October 2018

- 10:00 Horus ePortfolio back up and running. There was an issue with the Azure cloud service provider. We will be investigating in detail what happened with the Azure team. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused users.

- 08:30 Horus ePortfolio still not accessible: Apologies to all users - the e-portfolio has not been accessible since Saturday. We are investigating the issue.


28 October 2018

- Horus ePortfolio not accessible: Apologies to all weekend users - the e-portfolio is currently not working. We are investigating the issue. It may not be available for the rest of the day.


26 October 2018

- Timeline of Horus-related activities for trust and HEE staff published


24 October 2018

- PSG: Clinical supervisors (CSs) may want to start requesting feedback from members of the placement supervision group (PSG) who work with their supervised foundation doctors (FDs). This will help inform the CS end of placement report.  

• We are making good progress on functionality to allow educational supervisors, foundation programme directors and administrators to also be able to request and view PSG feedback. This enhanced functionality should be available by the end of November 2018.

• Meanwhile, CSs should continue to request feedback in the usual way.

• This year already, 191 PSG individual feedback forms have been completed for 89 FDs in England.

The PSG feedback summary report will be available later on during the training year.

- Portfolio download: We are making good progress on functionality to allow FDs to download their whole portfolio as a pdf bundle. This functionality should be available by the end of November 2018. Meanwhile, individual documents can easily be printed or ‘printed to pdf’.  

- Concerns: We are also working on highlighting any forms containing concerns, highlighting in list pages FDs who have had concerns submitted about them and creating the "concerns management" page.


10 October 2018

- HEE FP E-portfolio Archive – Update on 2017-18 migration

• Work continues on migrating 2017-18 HEE-related NES ePortfolio data into the HEE FP E-portfolio Archive. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this dataset not currently being available to view.

• In case of any urgent requirement for documents, please contact websupport@hee.nhs.uk for a discussion.

• Note that information collected before August 2017 remains available to all relevant users.

- TAB - Reminders

• Many foundation doctors (FDs) will be starting their Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB) feedback collection this month. We have lots of information on this website about how to manage TAB in Horus.

• Notes:
- If a FD has a previous rotation (for example, 2017-18 F1), they should make sure they select their current rotation when starting TAB.
- Only one ‘active’ TAB is possible at any one time. If a FD sees this message: “A new TAB cannot be started until the latest TAB has had a "TAB Summary" form completed.” they should ask their educational supervisor/local administrator to check their previous rotation and complete the TAB summary form there.