May-June 2020

2 June 2020

- 2020-22 F1F2 cohort: doctors who are not undertaking a FiY1 placement have now had their Horus account created

- Foundation school and LEP teams have been asked to:

• Check the imported data
• Assign supervisors

27 May 2020

- ARCP: Guidance to be used as a reference throughout the ARCP period

How do I create an ARCP outcome form?
How do I set up ARCP panel members for a foundation doctor's ARCP?
How do I complete an ARCP outcome form?
How do F1CCs/FPCCs get created?
What do I do if I find an error in a completed ARCP outcome form?

 26 May 2020

- Interim Foundation Year 1 (FiY1) doctors

• All FiY1 doctors allocated by the UKFPO to date have been imported into Horus
• Foundation school teams have been asked to:
   * ensure that FiY1 placements are assigned to the correct trust
   * email the Horus Helpdesk with details of any doctors who have withdrawn from their FiY1 placement

 21 May 2020

- COVID-19 ARCP outcome 10.2 (and its C codes) added to the ARCP outcome form 

• Outcome 10.2 guidance: UKFPO ARCP Outcomes Operational Guidance