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May-July 2020

24 July 2020

- Welcome, new F1 doctors! Guidance to help you get started with Horus:

How do I change my email address on Horus? |and| How do I reset my password for Horus?
What do I do if my placement information is incorrect?
How do I send a form to be signed by a trainer or assessor? |and| How do I sign a meeting form?
Can I save a form as a draft?
What are the mandatory certificates for the Foundation Programme? |and| What should I record for my PSA expiry date?

How do I link my Horus account to my e-LfH account?
Timeline for Horus-related activities
Mandatory Teaching Log

- Let us know if we can help with anything - Contact details here

23 July 2020

- All foundation doctors are asked to complete the GMC National Training Survey (although this year it is not mandatory to do so). The survey is open 22 July - 12 August 2020.

22 July 2020

- Account activation for non-FiY1 FY1s: As in previous years, foundation school or LEP teams should send account activation emails to new starters. A change for this year is that a large proportion of incoming F1s already have Horus accounts through their interim FY1 placement – they don’t need (and can’t be sent) activation emails. Account activation emails can be sent in bulk and should be done by the first week of August.

7 July 2020

- Portfolio download - following forms now available:

• Self-TAB (if summary released to trainee)
• TAB summary (if released to trainee)
• PSG summary (if released to trainee)

29 June 2020

- Updated forms for 2020-21 training year (small updates only):

• Combined Induction Meeting with Clinical Supervisor & Initial Meeting with Educational Supervisor
• Induction Meeting with Clinical Supervisor
• PDP progress (self-evaluation)

24 June 2020

- Updates:

• "SAS doctor" is now a separate option in the 'trainer role' field of all SLEs
• "Physician Associate" is now a separate option in the "AHPs/Other" 'trainer role' category of Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB)

3 June 2020

- New feature: Curriculum sections (mapped content, descriptors and e-LfH links) can now be toggled on and off independently and over the top of each other (so you can see one, two or all three of them at the same time)

2 June 2020

- 2020-22 F1F2 cohort: doctors who are not undertaking a FiY1 placement have now had their Horus account created

- Foundation school and LEP teams have been asked to:

• Check the imported data
• Assign supervisors

27 May 2020

- ARCP: Guidance to be used as a reference throughout the ARCP period

How do I create an ARCP outcome form?
How do I set up ARCP panel members for a foundation doctor's ARCP?
How do I complete an ARCP outcome form?
How do F1CCs/FPCCs get created?
What do I do if I find an error in a completed ARCP outcome form?

 26 May 2020

- Interim Foundation Year 1 (FiY1) doctors

• All FiY1 doctors allocated by the UKFPO to date have been imported into Horus
• Foundation school teams have been asked to:
   * ensure that FiY1 placements are assigned to the correct trust
   * email the Horus Helpdesk with details of any doctors who have withdrawn from their FiY1 placement

 21 May 2020

- COVID-19 ARCP outcome 10.2 (and its C codes) added to the ARCP outcome form 

• Outcome 10.2 guidance: UKFPO ARCP Outcomes Operational Guidance