May 2019

13 May 2019


• Improvements to the ARCP list page for ARCP panel members/chairs: ordered with earliest panel taking place first and basic filtering (last two weeks, next 7 days, next 3 weeks, everything).


May 2019


• Signature request email failures are now highlighted with a red triangle on the foundation/NTG doctor Home page, on the "Awaiting" tab.
FDs/NTGs can use this information to decide whether they need to find a new email address, a new assessor/trainer or to just re-send the signature request.

• Curriculum now has "Show", "Hide", "Show all" and "Hide all" options for FPCs (so you can focus on one or some FPCs at a time without needing to scroll through all the ones before them).

- 2019-21 F1-F2 import

• We have now received the Oriel report from the UKFPO for 2019-21 F1-F2 account creation and rotation import into Horus. This includes all foundation doctors allocated through Oriel - F1s and F2 standalone appointments.

• The process will be the same as last year - details will be circulated to HEE foundation schools shortly. [UPDATE: Circulated 22 May 2019) 

• We need at least 2 weeks to process this information and we aim to import it into Horus in early June 2019. 

• The data will then be available for administrators to check and amend if required and then to assign supervisors.


3 May 2019

- The Horus website was unavailable between 19:45 and 20:55 last night. This was due to an Azure connectivity issue (Azure is HEE's cloud service provider). Further information available on the Azure website. No data was compromised during this outage and service was fully restored by Azure last night.


1 May 2019


• ES's "curriculum progress rating" can now be updated by FPDs and ARCP chairs.