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March-April 2020

28 April 2020

- "FiY1" placement label 'toggle' released today. Administrators can find this at the end of the "Rotations Summary" page for each doctor.

- As per the process below, administrators should not manually add FiY1 doctors to Horus at the moment - this is being managed centrally. The toggle is to correct any errors/update placements for FiY1s created manually before the central import was completed.


27 April 2020

- All FiY1 doctors allocated to locations in England have received their Horus ePortfolio login today!

- Foundation schools have been asked to check and update placement details with exact information (and let trust administrators know when they can access their FiY1 accounts)

• We have added a "FiY1" filter to the FD list page 

• FiY1 doctors will not show in the ARCP overview (admin) page

• We will add the filter to other list/report pages over the next few weeks

- FiY1s allocated from now on will receive their Horus login about 2 days after confirmation of their FiY1 foundation school

• Exact placement details will be added first by the foundation school and then updated by the trust team 

- We are working on adding the new ARCP outcome 10 to the ARCP outcome form

- The UKFPO have published and are keeping updated a series of FAQs regarding how COVID-19 is affecting the training of FiY1 and F1/F2 doctors.


8 April 2020

- Here is a link to the UKFPO's ARCP 2020 requirements guidance. Further information can be found on the UKFPO's Curriculum page.


7 April 2020

- New release: 

• 'Concerns' filter: Administrator can now filter their list of FDs/NTGs to show just those who have unresolved concerns (using the "Advanced filters" section in the "Foundation Doctors" admin list). Further guidance can be found here.

• 'Concerns' on ARCP panel member list page: ARCP panel members will see highlighted any FDs they have been assigned to review who have unresolved concerns.


3 April 2020

- We have made small but significant changes to e-portfolio functionality to support users in following new UKFPO ARCP guidance (for 2020 only):

• ARCP panels minimum 2 people required - reduced from 3

• CS end of placement report - most fields changed to not mandatory
-- One question must be completed - “Does this foundation doctor satisfy the expected outcomes of this placement, at this stage of training?”

• ES end of year report - most fields changed to not mandatory
-- Two questions must be completed - “This foundation doctor has met or exceeded the minimum expected level of performance for each of the 20 foundation professional capabilities” and “Please provide comments to support and justify assessment”

• Mandatory teaching log totals colour coding
-- Total must 30 hours of core or non-core - will show as green once 30 hours logged (was 60 hours)
-- No minimum core required now - total will show as default black (was 30 hours)

• Summary of evidence report
-- No text/counting changes will be made
-- An information banner will be seen on this and a number of other pages confirming that the UKFPO ARCP guidance overrides all the usual rules


1 April 2020

- F1/F2 placement 3 updates in response to COVID-19: Local teams (either foundation school teams or postgraduate centre teams) have been asked to make all required changes manually, using the standard Horus tools. Foundation schools have been sent further details.

- We are working on streamlining the process of copying placement 2 information to placement 3 – a small bit of new functionality will be available by early next week.


24 March 2020

- During this difficult period the UKFPO understand that foundation doctors and trainers may find it difficult to create foundation training content in their e-portfolio in a timely manner. To assist you, we have removed the 3-month time limit for creating content, so you can create and complete content for any placement that ended in or after September 2019. We will continue to monitor the situation and review as required.

- Reminder – Releasing Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB) summary: If you are the educational supervisor for a foundation doctor/NTG and they have completed a TAB, please ensure that the TAB summary has been completed: instructions here.


2 March 2020

- New release: Completed and signed forms can now be linked to other completed and signed forms within a foundation doctor's/NTG's portfolio. Linked forms can be viewed by all users who have access to a foundation doctor's/NTG's portfolio but the linking of forms can only be performed by the foundation doctors/NTGs themselves. FAQ guidance to follow.