March 2019

21 March 2019


• F2 doctors who completed and uploaded ALS in F1 will see this showing in their F2 ARCP summary of evidence report - the certificate no longer needs to be uploaded again.

• Forms mapped to the curriculum have an icon next to them in portfolio 'Contents', for an easier overview of which items have been mapped.

- REMINDER: CS and ES end of placement reports for placement 2 are now due. Don't leave these till the last minute!

- REMINDER: NTG doctors, trust administrators and foundation school teams should continue checking that NTG doctors have been marked correctly in Horus.

If you are an NTG doctor (that is, NOT on a recognised foundation training programme), you should see "[NTG]" next to your name on all your 'Portfolio' menu pages:

--> If you do not see this label, please contact your local Horus administrator to get this corrected.
--> Administrators, if you need assistance with this, please contact the Horus Helpdesk.


7 March 2019


• Home page now shows foundation/NTG doctors forms they've sent to trainers that are still waiting for a signature.

• Home page lists of forms requiring action re-organised for all users into 'tabs' with form counts (3 tabs for FDs/NTGs; 2 tabs for trainers/administrators).

• Curriculum overview now shows a count for each foundation professional capability (FPC) of number of mapped items.

• TAB self and rater forms have colour coded 'no concern' (green), 'some concern' (amber), 'major concern' (red).

- The deadline has passed for CS and ES end of placement reports for placement 1 to be created and signed (4 March 2019). See what to do if you have missed the deadline.

- Foundation doctor or non-training grade (NTG) doctor checks:

• Horus accounts for NTG doctors are created by NHS trust administrators and it is well understood that NTGs are not on the Foundation Programme. It is important that these accounts are labelled as “NTG”. Sometimes, mistakes or misunderstandings occur. Trust and HEE local office administrators should perform regular checks to ensure that only doctors on the Foundation Programme are labelled as ‘F1’/’F2’. NTGs labelled incorrectly as foundation doctors will appear on the ARCP list in Horus – this must be avoided, as NTG doctors are not eligible to receive Foundation Programme ARCP documents.

• Administrators in NHS trusts are responsible for ensuring that all NTGs are labelled correctly.

• ACTION: Please check everyone has been labelled correctly during March 2019, in preparation for ARCP in June.


4 March 2019

- NEW RELEASE! PSG individual feedback forms can now be collected into an anonymised PSG summary, which can be released to foundation/NTG doctors (similar idea to the TAB summary).

- IMPORTANT NOTE: Forms can be created, edited (where appropriate) and signed up to 3 months after the end of the placement they're attached to. This means that, for example, CS and ES end of placement reports for placement 1 (1 August - 4 December 2018) can only be created and signed until today, 4 March 2019. See what to do if this deadline has been missed.