March 2018

16 March 2018

Mandatory certificates are now live!

• Foundation doctors can upload PSA, ILS/equivalent and ALS/equivalent certificates for approval by admins/ES/FPD using the form in the "Mandatory forms for each year" section in 'Forms (start new)'

• Admins/ES/FPD can approve by finding the forms filled in by the FD on their portfolio 'Overview' page (scroll down) or their portfolio 'Contents' page (whichever you prefer)

• Certificates can only be mapped to the curriculum and will only show as completed in the summary of evidence report for ARCP if they have been approved.


7 March 2018

- Improvements added to Horus today:

More and easier ways for administrators to filter in/out NTG doctors from searches and lists

- Foundation doctor list page

- TAB overview page

- Foundation doctor account activation page

This improvement will be added to the placement overview page in due course. NTGs are filtered out of the ARCP overview page by default.

• A number of smaller background features have been enhanced.

- Improvements / new functionality due this/next week:

 Mandatory certificates

• We are working on making the e-LfH link into Horus available soon. Apologies for the inconvenience this delay may cause.

- See details of planned developments for the next few months for further information.


1 March 2018

- Improvements added to Horus today:

• A user can now be both a 'trainee' and a trainer at the same time. This year this is most relevant for NTG doctors, who are using Horus to record their own competences as well as completing SLEs/Core Procedures for foundation doctors. Users with both types of roles will be able to "Switch mode" once they've logged in.

• When an administrator tries to add / update a user whose email address already exists on Horus, they will receive a more informative validation message (showing what role that user already has).

- Improvements / new functionality due next week:

• More and easier ways for administrators to filter in/out NTG doctors from searches and lists

Mandatory certificates