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July 2019

30 July 2019

- Welcome, new F1 doctors! Guidance to help you get started with Horus:

How do I change my email address on Horus? |and| How do I reset my password for Horus?
What do I do if my placement information is incorrect?
How do I send a form to be signed by a trainer or assessor? |and| How do I sign a meeting form?
Can I save a form as a draft?
What are the mandatory certificates for the Foundation Programme? |and| What should I record for my PSA expiry date?
How do I link my Horus account to my e-LfH account?
Timeline for Horus-related activities


22 July 2019

- New features for August 2019: The “UK FP E-portfolios key changes for 2019-20” presentation is now available. It has also been emailed to UK foundation school teams.

- Most new features described in the presentation will be available from 1 August 2019. Some will be released during August 2019 (to be confirmed).

- Administrators should remember to send account activation emails to new foundation doctors (FDs) this month.
(New FDs can also activate their own account by using the password reset process.)


16 July 2019

- Releasing F1CCs/FPCCs: More than half (57%) of F1CCs/FPCCs have not yet been released to foundation doctors.
• Foundation school teams should release certificates as soon as all the requirements have been met.
• F2 doctors must complete the Career Destination Survey before they are eligible for their FPCC.
• 53% of F1CCs and 62% of FPCCs have not yet been released.

- 2019-20 training year: Any changes in foundation doctor allocations should now be managed locally. See entry below for guidance.

- New features for August 2019: a “Key changes” presentation will be available on this page (and the UKFPO website) next week. It will also be emailed to UK foundation school teams.


9 July 2019

- Following last week’s allocation of reserve list applicants to the Foundation Programme, HEE local office/foundation school teams have been asked to arrange for these new accounts to be created manually on Horus. We will not run another bulk import into the system.

- Creating new foundation doctor accounts:

• Create new user (guidance)
• Create new FD (GMC number not live yet) (guidance)
• New user created without placements - how to find them (guidance)
• Account activation (guidance)
• Create new rotation (guidance)

- 'Moving' foundation doctor accounts:

• Transfers to your trust (from the same foundation school) (guidance)
• Transfers to your trust (from another foundation school) (guidance)

- Foundation school/trust admin teams are also required to (as explain on 24 June 2019)

• Delete any non-starters (guidance)
• Assign supervisors (guidance)
• Add military appointments (guidance)
• Add LTFT/out of synch/extender/repeater information (guidance)


2 July 2019

- 2019-21 F1F2 cohort

• See June 2019 Updates page for administrator actions required now

• Near the end of July 2019, administrators may wish to send activation emails to new foundation doctors 

• New foundation doctors can also activate their own account by using the password reset process

• Most new foundation doctor accounts include their GMC, which for most won't be live on the GMC register until the end of July. Doctors who log in before their GMC registration is live will see a warning message on their account. No action needs to be taken - Horus will synchronise all new GMC numbers once they're live in the register.

 - New/updated features release plan:

• E-LfH "deep links" have been added to the curriculum (FDs/NTGs can now navigate directly to a relevant e-LfH module from their Horus curriculum)

• A number of new forms and processes have been scheduled to be available on 1 August 2019

• We are focussing on getting all UK-wide new requirements in place by the start of the training year - there will be no new functionality released until the end of July 2019.