August-September 2018

Important information on this page about:

• HEE FP E-portfolio Archive

• e-LfH course completion import

• Portfolio download functionality

• Highlighting “concerns” functionality

• Reminder about correctly recording NTG rotations


21 September 2018

e-LfH import update:

• The full import is now working! Foundation doctors (and their supervisors and administrators) can now see all e-learning courses they have completed in e-LfH, regardless of which e-LfH "programme(s)" they're attached to.


19 September 2018

e-LfH import update:

• We have been working on importing the results of all modules completed by foundation doctors in e-LfH (not just those linked to the "Foundation (FND)" e-LfH programme) over the past few weeks. To finalise the development work, we stopped the import completely on Monday 17 September. This means that no new module completions have been imported into Horus since Monday. We will be starting the import again either on Friday or early next week.

• There is no error in the system - this is part of our process of testing the new, much larger dataset that we are now receiving from e-LfH. Apologies for any inconvenience experienced during this short pause in the e-LfH import.

• An update will be posted here on Friday.


10 September 2018

- System updates:

• Users are now emailed whenever their organisation permissions are changed (additions / removals are summarised in the email).

• On the "My account details" page, we now list each user's organisation permissions (including the full history of expired ones).
[Does not apply to foundation doctors, whose permissions stem from their placements.]


6 September 2018

HEE FP E-portfolio Archive: As previously advertised (see 26 June entry), 2017-18 e-portfolio data is currently being migrated from the NES ePortfolio and is not available for users to view. We had planned to complete this work by mid-September but have experienced a couple of delays. We will try to have this information available by early October.

• Information collected before August 2017 remains available to all relevant users.

- Developments during August

• We’ve been busy checking and optimising our systems and making small but important tweaks.

e-LfH: we had planned to start importing foundation doctors’ completion of courses belonging to any e-LfH programme. We have come across an unexpected challenge with this and will therefore only be able to implement this later on during September. Import of “Foundation (FND)” courses continues unaffected.

- Our top priorities for the next two months are

• allowing foundation doctors to download their portfolio from Horus (we will release this in phases - more information will be published as it is available.

• showing a warning icon against any form submitted for a foundation doctor with either "some concern" or "major concern" selected and allowing supervisors and administrators to 'manage' these icons.

• allowing educational supervisors and programme directors/administrators to view individual PSG feedback, the creation of an anonymised PSG feedback summary report and the ability to release this to the foundation doctor.

• making clearer which forms joint educational and clinical supervisors should be completing at the end of the placement (note: it’s both the clinical supervisor’s end of placement report and the educational supervisor’s end of placement report).

- For more information, see the Horus developments roadmap.

- REMINDER - ACTION REQUIRED: Foundation school and trust administrators should check that all 2018-19 non-foundation doctors have been assigned “NTG” rotations.

• For more information see the July Updates page (12 July 2018 entry)