April 2019

30 April 2019


• ARCP panel members can now be copied from another ARCP outcome form when creating a new outcome form.


 26 April 2019


• Summary of "concerns" raised about an FD visible to supervisors, ARCP panels and administrators in the ARCP Summary of Evidence (SoE) report

• Faster way to create "editable" SoEs on the ARCP overview (administrators only)

- Further smaller releases on the way in preparation for ARCP 

- Processes in place for 2019-21 F1-F2 account creation and rotation import --> same process as last year. Further details will be published nearer the time (May 2019).


16 April 2019


• TAB 'form count' report for administrators

• Form R shown on ARCP Summary of Evidence (SoE) report - at the end of the report

• ARCP outcome form (OF) now populates 'number of days out of training' reported by the foundation doctor (FD) in the Form R even if Form R is completed after the ARCP OF is drafted (will not over-write an existing ARCP administrator's/panel's entry though)

• FD will receive an auto-email when their ARCP OF is ready to sign (that is, once the ARCP panel chair has signed it)

- REMINDER: FDs can evidence completion of the GMC NTS by creating a ‘Quality Improvement’ form and entering into the "Achievement" field: "GMC NTS - Completion Code xxxxxxxxxxxx".

- REMINDER: NTG doctors, trust administrators and foundation school teams should continue checking that NTG doctors have been marked correctly in Horus.

If you are an NTG doctor (that is, NOT on a recognised foundation training programme), you should see "[NTG]" next to your name on all your 'Portfolio' menu pages:

--> If you do not see this label, please contact your local Horus administrator to get this corrected.
--> Administrators, if you need assistance with this, please contact the Horus Helpdesk.