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All foundation doctors (FDs) are required to use an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) during their foundation training.

There are two providers used to deliver the Foundation Programme e-portfolio across the UK: NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and Health Education England (HEE) – the e-portfolios are known respectively as Turas and Horus.

Until August 2017, all foundation schools in the UK except the North West of England Foundation School (NWoEFS) used the e-portfolio provided by NES.

Since August 2016, all FDs in the former Mersey Foundation School (MFS) have been using Horus, completing the MFS’s merger with the former North Western Foundation School (NWFS) – now known as the NWoEFS. The NWFS has used Horus since 2008.

Since August 2017, most FDs in England have been using Horus.

Since August 2018, all FDs in England have been using Horus.


Why change?

HEE has followed the advice from the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service that Government bodies and non-departmental public bodies should develop in-house capability and capacity to deliver digital services. HEE has reviewed the supply and management of all its digital requirements, including the provision of the e-portfolio service for FDs in England. The review of e-portfolio systems took into account that HEE already provides Horus to FDs in the North West, which was an established high quality and value for money service with excellent user satisfaction ratings.

The Horus ePortfolio has therefore been extended to all FDs in England as part of HEE's information services strategy.

The North West team built and developed its foundation e-portfolio over a number of years, in consultation with local foundation school administrators, foundation programme directors and foundation doctors. The new, HEE-wide version of Horus was also developed in consultation with representatives from all user groups.



A project team managed the development and roll out of the system to all FDs in England. The team met on a regular basis and followed a detailed plan of technical developments and other project work to achieve the above-mentioned outcomes. HEE Horus is now business as usual and ongoing development work is being managed by the project manager and lead developer, in consultation with foundation school directors, foundation school managers, the UK Curriculum Delivery Group, the Foundation Doctors Advisory Board and the national e-portfolio user group ("e-TAG").