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How did the 2016/2017 move to Horus affect...

…medical students who started foundation training in England in August 2017?

They have used the HEE Horus ePortfolio since the start of their foundation training.

 ...FDs who completed foundation training in England by August 2017 (not in the NWoEFS)?

This change did not affect them during their training. However, once HEE made the move from the NES ePortfolio to HEE Horus, their foundation information collected in the NES ePortfolio was archived and is now accessible through the HEE FP E-portfolio Archive.

…FDs who were in foundation training in England during 2016-17 but not due to complete by August 2017 (not in the NWoEFS)?

F1s who completed in July 2017 used HEE Horus for their F2 year. Most F1s/F2s who continued in the same grade beyond August 2017 ("out of synch") remained on the NES ePortfolio until completion of their grade (or 31 July 2018 - whichever was sooner). Foundation doctors in England stopped using the NES ePortfolio from 1 August 2018 onwards.

…FDs in the NWoEFS?

They used "NW Horus" until July 2017. FDs in the former Mersey Foundation School, who have information in the NES ePortfolio, retain read-only access to this through the HEE FP E-portfolio Archive. Those who have information in the NW version of Horus retain read-only access to this through the NW Horus Archive.